Music Website Design

Beyonce, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Prince and Rihanna are music icons, known not only for their music but also for their larger than life personas. A mention of any one of these names invokes immediate visual and musical implication. They all have a strong personal brand that speaks to their fans and has made them musicians to icons. They all have their personal websites and you too can.

However, a question must be popping in your mind that, we have a Facebook page or a ReverbNation profile, then why need a website. The simple answer, if by any chance Facebook or ReverbNation closes down, what you would do? You would be left without a web presence. Your website is owned by you and you have the freedom of the design and the content you want to share with your audience. It can be a true reflection of who you are as an artist and become a great tool for attracting and retaining fans.

So, if you are ready to build a website, here are few design trends to follow and include on your website.


Basic animation is easy to add to the website these days, but yours being a music website should have more user-focused animations so that your fans can interact more. iPhone App developer Melbourne says that microinteractions is the latest design trend that can do exactly that, it originates from mobile apps and work like animated responses to user behaviour. When your fans visit the website and click a button or hover over, it displays more information about the item in the grid. This takes the form of bouncing effects, changes in 3D or depth of the page and plenty of unique fading effects to show and hide page elements. This can be used in portfolios, image galleries or pretty much anywhere that has grid photos.

Diagonals & Slants

You can make your website pretty crazy with CSS3. The modern grid layouts are easier than ever to build and that’s leading designers and web development Melbourne service providers towards more unique layouts with diagonals and crooked page sections. Stripes are the most noticeable in this form and the background colours and gradients naturally slant towards the side of the page. Another technique that follows this idea is the use of hexagons and diagonally shaped elements. Hexagonal honeycomb design looks best when you want to showcase the artists in your band.

Particle Backgrounds

As yours is a music website, it would contain a lot of videos due to which it would take too long to load. So what can be done here is use particle background design. These design trends are lightweight javascript allowing movement to be created as a natural part of the background and increase the loading speed. Particle background attracts the user’s attention, so bands can create a memorable impression of themselves in only a few seconds.

The above-mentioned are few design trends that music websites should follow to create an impression on their fans.