Web Design Trends

Fortunately, the design never stands still and web design is no exception. It is because the technology available today constantly evolves forcing design to move with it and you as a web designer also needs to update yourself. Here are the most exciting web design trends to follow in the month of April 2018.

Vibrant colour scheme

The use of vibrant, saturated colours in the website is a bold choice which instantly draws in the user. The enables them to not only engage with the content while they are using it but to remember the site after they leave.

Video and animations

Another new trend to shake up the design is with videos and animation, though not in the ways we have traditionally seen it. A subtle use of animation can add elegance to a website. The text on the home page can be animated adding a sense of modernisation.

Image filled typography

This trend adds a lot of fun for all the amateur typographers out there. Typography is a powerful weapon and its use on the web has broadened out this month. We are going to see a major shakeup in how the text is styled, it is going to be bolder, oddly spaced, haphazardly placed, transparent and who knows what other techniques designers will come up.

Blobs and bubbles

Loose shapes without defined forms are the new trend this month. While most of these shapes are somewhat round but not always. These blobs serve as accents to draw the eye into the project and highlight specific content.  What’s good about using them is that every project looks different, even when using the exact same concept.

The above-mentioned are the exciting web design trends we will see in April 2018.