arts and it’s Popularity

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the famous Mona Lisa painting first hand? Before you buy those flight tickets and book accommodation in Paris, France to visit the Louvre Museum where the painting is housed, consider this scenario. There will be people from every race and nationality crowding the place. You will be separated by a series of barricades from the painting and there will be constant flashes of people taking photos from above your head. Beyond the wooden railings is an enormous slab of dark tinted bulletproof glass and behind that is the painting. Overall, it can be hardly seen.

Why is this painting so popular across all sections of the society? Why is it considered to be the most famous painting in the world? Is it because there is some quality in the painting that makes it so profoundly special? There is a school of thought that has analysed how much success should be attributed to the inherent qualities of the successful thing itself. A group of people may think it is special because another group of people before them thought it was special. Something on the lines of Mona Lisa!

The reason why this example has been given is to emphasise the point that different forms of art gain popularity because of people’s perception to it. Art is typically categorised into visual arts and performing arts and each has its own set of followers and popularity.

In visual arts there is drawing and painting heading the list with many sub-heads of the latter category. These include paintings over different periods such as the Renaissance, the Dutch Masters, Baroque, Impressionism and Symbolism. Each type represents various periods and reflects the way of life of those times. This is the reason why they have been popular in their own way. When the masses can relate to arts, there is a natural surge in popularity.

A parallel with modern times will further prove this point. Consider the case of Blockchain technology and crypto currencies. This virtual digital currency has gained immense popularity simply because people have taken to it due to its ease of transactions. Further the concept and technology is so secure that businesses around the world are moving to this operational platform. The comparison with art and Blockchain popularity is that when people can relate to a particular matter, be it art or technology, there is a natural flow to it becoming a success.

Now coming to performing arts, the second category – the relationship between it and popularity can be more conveniently explained. Music, drama, theatre, films and photography are some of the examples of performing arts. While visual art is more a matter of an expression of the artist’s mind, in performing arts live players directly touch the chords in the heart of the masses. This is one reason why performers achieve cult status in their respective fields.

These are some of the reasons that may be established for the popularity across societies of different forms of art.